Doxanthropos A personal weblog

Happy New Year!

Throughout the years that I have lived with and on the internet, I have started a lot of blogs, tumblr-accounts and similar projects. Some lived quite a while, others died quickly out of neglect.

This is one such start.

Instead of a political blog (done that) or a blog filled with random musings about life and elearning (done that also) or other topics that might be worth blogging about, this will be centered around writing code and doing nice creative things with computers. Other tangential topics might sneak in, but the main goal for creating this is to have a developer blog/learners journal

But why start a blog like this, instead of posting articles on Facebook, Tumblr,, Medium or any other social blogging platform out there? Why put stupid, simple, static html-files out there?

One reason is that it is fun. Blogging with VIM, Jekyll and is simplistic in a nice way (I already wrote abut this kind of simplicity on my oldest blog, a topic, that I might revisit here some day).

Another reason is the (maybe silly) idea to keep in control of my creation. Using a blogging service like Tumblr or Wordpress, or a social media platform like Facebook (or again Tumblr) always means, giving away your content into the hands of others, who might have the same ideas how to present it or how to frame it, but they also might not.

From a more mainstream media critical perspective, this has also the intent of being part of a small revolution, that has been active and fighting the change of what the web is. There are still people out there who think that the web might be something else than just a tool for Facebook and Google to operate their business. A network of people and websites, that are small, independent and free.