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Caring Games

Just a list of games that are "caring", "healing" or something similar, taken from a Twitter thread.

GD50 Lecture 1 - Pong: What I have learned

Havard has some new online courses around the main Computer Science intro "CS50" and I have started to watch the lectures and code the code from the Game Development course that is taught by Colton Ogden who already has had some appearances on the main CS50 course.

Why learning about Game Development?

Recently I enrolled into the online course GD50 from Harvard to learn more about game development. But why?

Game Idea: Scream Maze

Where I describe a game I would like to build, why I think it is a fun idea and what it will take to do so.

#CNC2018 Code More: Pre-Mission

Where I get a mission to think about past coding experiences to learn from them in the future.